The White Chamber
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Stage Artist

A Slow Elevator and the God Who Answered / pLasterbrain

Alt BGM/Artist

N/A / N/A

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Original version Edit

Video: The event.

The White Chamber (not to be confused with The White Chamber ) is a stage based on the area from .flow with the same name. It is a blank, featureless white room splattered with blood that comes to a vantage point at the gaping black doorway. Sabitsuki cannot enter this door, but instead falls down coughing blood, before collapsing and emerging in her bedroom again. As Rust, she can access the door, but it does not lead anywhere and instead gives her one of the three collectible Empty Boxes. It can be accessed via the Sewers or the Alleyway Hospital, depending on the respective characters.

This stage's BGM is done by pLasterbrain . The soundtrack features hospital and elevator noises despite the fact it takes place in neither; this is intended to be reminiscent of similar areas in-game, such as the white elevator and the rest of the Alleyway Hospital.