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Poniko is a dream character within Madotsuki's dreams who resides within a spiral house in the Pastel Shoal, a beautiful pink oceanic world of a bright pink sky and balloons.

In the story, Poniko has grown tired of her surroundings and tries making her escape without being noticed by Madotsuki, who would certainly throw her back into the Pastel Shoals if she caught Poniko escaping. Poniko manages to escape, and goes on her own trek through the dream world, with no idea that the goings on of the dream world are unusual. She acts as something of a rival for Madotsuki, crossing paths with her many times throughout the story.

In terms of gameplay, Poniko is a zoner, but she's a bit different from most zoners. Her C series normals are all Dhalsim-esque Uboa whip attacks that can be struck to damage Poniko. However, she has alternate counter versions of all her Uboa whips, and striking one of those has Uboa, who sits at the end of the whip, explode. It hurts a good bit, to boot. Poniko needs to be able to mix up these whips in order to really put the pressure on her opponents, but she also has more traditional zoning techniques like fireballs to help her out. Her damage is abysmal if it weren't for some of her Offensive Path moves, but they're hard to land... Poniko suffers in the stats department, however. She's slow, she doesn't do much damage, and she isn't exactly a tank when it comes to health. Without caution and mastery of Poniko's zoning tricks, you'll be eaten alive.

Poniko is a token character from Poniko's Room.


Poniko is the most apathetic, sardonic, and jaded person you can imagine. While she's easily excited by new experiences and challenges, she just isn't moved by anything else at all, and doesn't even bother to hide it. She's also incredibly rude and bitchy when not in a more excited mode. She's prideful, she's arrogant... Poniko is just not the most pleasant of people, to say the least.


Unique Attacks:

Lurking Danger: (5EX, 2EX, 9EX, 4EX, j.3EX, j.4EX, j.2EX)

Offensive Path:

Uboa Drill: (236A/B/C/EX)

Nightmare Violence: (63214 OR 41236A/B/C/EX)

Defensive Path:

Blood Magic: (236A/B/C/EX)

Tangled in Dreams: (412336A/B/C/EX)

Special Effects:

Dream Piercer: (236 ATK+EX)

Uboa's Five-Week Fitness Course: (421 ATK+EX)

あああああああ: (214 ATK+EX)

Dream Ender:

Invading Apparition