art by Kippersnack
Basic Stats
Game of Origin

Yume Nikki




unknown (child)

Voice Actors




Game Specs


Alternate Palettes

Gameboy Yellow, Aroe (Binchou-tan), Hatsune Miku (VOCALOID), Satsuki Yumizuka (Tsukihime), Yotsuba (Yostsuba&!), Furudo Erika (Umineko no Naku Koro ni)

Monoko is a young monochrome grade school girl who has black hair tied into twintails and wears a white dress shirt with a gray skirt and white socks. She has a look of distress on her face, and she looks a bit worse for wear in that she has various scuffs and scratches on her body. When introduced to the Stoplight effect, she becomes a much more horrid sort of creature. Her pupils go white, her eyes and mouth begin to leak nasty fluids, she goes tense and her veins pop out, and a large gaping wound appears in her stomach. But most strikingly, she gains extra arms. One on the top of her head, two in the form of her ponytails, and two more, one coming from the middle of her left arm, and the other just below the right arm.


Monoko is a very slow and unintelligent individual. Despite her grotesque apperance, she acts like a little child. She's very much dependant on her bigger sister, and becomes nearly petrified with fear when Monoe goes missing. She also isn't particularly brave, and deals with stressful situations by breaking down and refusing to go on further. However, despite her timid personality, she's very protective of those she loves and would do anything for them.

Monoko lives in a cave in the White Desert, doing nothing but wandering around looking extremely distressed. She freaks out and freezes up around stoplights. She's not really lively or capable of complex speech. She also moves stiffly, the most graceful thing she does being spinning around awkwardly. She's pretty much a zombie.


Monoko is the major grappler character in the game. She can do massive damage off of just about any hit confirm, the range on some of her moves is surprisingly good. Her divekicks and decent range on her normals make her pressure game pretty good, allowing her to set up command throws more easily. Her Ending Phase ability, Five Arms, is exceptional due to it allowing pressure characters to become psuedo-grapplers since their normal throws become command throws. Characters with especially useful throws should definitely consider using Monoko on their team.

Monoko's multiple arms have made her incredibly strong, and her near-death/undead state makes her almost impervious to pain. She's a bit slow moving and stiff, so she can't really move quickly, but her dogged persistence and physical traits make up for it.


Offensive Path Moves:

Monochrome Buster: (41236A/EX)

Grasping Hands: (623B/EX)

Skyward Toss: (214C/EX)

Defensive Path Moves:

Hyper Spinning Girl: (63214B)

Special Effects:

Pigtail Crusher: (63214 ATK+EX)

Monochrome Tornado: (623 ATK+EX)

Crazed Monoko: (421 ATK+EX)

Dream Ender:

Monochromatic Blender