Dr. Ochki is a creepy doctor who works at a false hospital that is, in actuality, a death trap. He stays inside his office with his nurse, relaxing and waiting for new victims to ensnare and murder brutally. Ironically, he's terrified of death and fears dying more than anything else.

In the story, Dr. Ochki plays that same role, but once he's discovered by Pholus, he starts working at his castle as an executioner/experimenter in exchange for absolute protection from the dangers of the dream world. Ochki refuses to leave the castle, but he is also incredibly grateful and dedicated to Pholus for offering him safety.

In battle, Dr. Ochki is a very interesting sort of character when it comes to spacing. He's quick with short ranged normals, but his meathooks can pull enemies either out of the air or towards him on the ground, his Miracle Pills can mess up an enemy's mobility and provide cover for an approach, a successful Sedation screws up an enemy's motion... Ochki can mess with the enemy in a lot of ways. In addition, Ochki has several ways to extend his combos and is good at quick evasion. However, he's bad at taking a hit in that he has low health, and meathooks don't help him much if they're used incorrectly, as punishing meathooks is pretty simple.


Dr. Ochki is a sly, deceptive sort of character motivated by fear and bloodlust. He kills because he enjoys the feeling of power that taking lives gives him. His nurse doesn't really approve, but she follows along anyways because she fears that she may be his next victim.

However, he's incredibly cowardly and hates fighting, as he fears death and or bodily harm in any way. He fears retribution for his crimes, but rather than stopping, he instead decides to avoid dying or being harmed at all by locking himself inside of a hospital and preying upon the sick and injured.


Full Moveset Link (Mediafire)

Unique Attacks:

Meathook: (5EX)

Meathook Air Drag: (4EX)

Meathook Fake-Out: (6EX)

Offensive Path Moves:

Defibrillator Shock: (623A/B/C/EX)

Miracle Pills: (236A/B/C/EX)

Stretcher Slammer: (63214A/B/C/EX)

Defensive Path Moves:

Pill Rain: (236A/B/C/EX)

Sedation: (214C/EX)

Mobility Path Moves:

Trick Chair: (22A/B/C/EX)

Coward's Way Out: (214A/B/C/EX)

Special Effects:

Eyes That Lack Perception: (41236 ATK+EX)

Get Over Here!: (214 ATK+EX)

Dream Ender:

"Volunteer" Work