Aoshiru in his EX form.
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Yume 2kki





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Aoshiru is an ailing young boy who lives in a dark closed off room in a hospital. His illness has confined him to a wheelchair, and he has been hooked up to an IV drip full of mysterious green slime. He can't move from this one spot, and no matter what happens, the only interaction Urotsuki can have with him is to immediately kill him with her chainsaw.

In the story, he manages to recover enough to get out of his wheelchair and escape his room. The first thing he decides to do with his newfound freedom is find Urotsuki and get to the bottom of why she decided to kill him in that one dream, as well as make her pay for attacking him while he was helpless.

In the game, Aoshiru is a zoning type character with an emphasis on wearing down the enemy with status effects. A good few of his moves inflict a poison status on the enemy, and many of those poisoning moves are in the form of traps on the stage that he can masterfully manipulate his enemy into running into with his Slime Pull as well as his long range normals. Playing Aoshiru does require a good bit of patience and knowledge, however. His combos aren't outright the most powerful, but his ability to create set-ups off knockdowns and manipulate the opponent more than make up for it.

Aoshiru is a token character from The Graveyard.


Aoshiru's illness greatly colors his personality in the game. As a result of this sickness, he is rather quiet and controlled in his attitude. You can tell that beneath the layers of weakness and lethargy lies a fiery personality and a strong spirit, but he just doesn't have the energy to fully express himself. As a result of this lack of energy, he's also become considerably more thoughtful and careful with his actions.


Aoshiru's concept art by Whitepool


Offensive Path Moves:

Slime Pull: (214A/B/C/EX) *Air Capable

Toxic Tendril: (22A/B/C/EX)

Life-Sucking Green Slime: (63214A/B/C/EX) *Air Capable

Defensive Path Moves:

Disgusting Slime Pool: (22A/B/C/EX)

Slime Blast: (236A/B/C/EX) *only if there is a slime pool *Air Capable

Green Corruption: (214A/B/C/EX)

Mobility Path Moves:

Sinking into Sickness: (214A/B/C/EX)

Survival Booster: (236C/EX)

Special Effects:

Green Intoxicating Sickness: (236 ATK+EX)

Horrific Slime Beast: (421 ATK+EX)

Spreading Disease: (22 ATK+EX)

Dream Ender:

Viral Overload